mental health vote baton rouge

For a cost of just $1.50 per month to the average homeowner, we can save lives here in Baton Rouge... and save our community $55 million in the process.


Public safety and health officials are key supporters of the center because of the benefits they know it will bring.

mental health vote baton rouge
mental health vote baton rouge

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Every Vote Counts!

Be sure you are registered to vote in time for the December 8th election, and don't forget to confirm your polling location.


My son didn’t make it. But someone else’s will. If we give a little, so many will live.
— Gwen Knox, Mother, Baton Rouge


From now through December 8th, we'll be providing materials and information so you can help us spread the word about voting yes for mental health. Please share these items with your friends and family, post to social media, and help us get out the vote!

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